Bach Tuba Mouthpiece, (Multiple Sizes)


Select your Bach Tuba Mouthpiece size.


The Bach Tuba Mouthpiece is available in three sizes:  18, 24AW and 7.

The Bach 18 tuba mouthpiece has a medium cup depth.  This mouthpiece is great for all-around playing.  It has an even register and substantial tone of excellent carrying power.

The Bach 24AW tuba mouthpiece has a deep cup depth.  This is an excellent mouthpiece whenever a sonorous, dark tone quality of enormous volume is desirable.

The Bach 7 tuba mouthpiece has a medium cup depth.  This is a large mouthpiece with full, lively tone and a splendid low register, for players with a strong embouchure.  Recommended for large-bore instruments.

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Bach Tuba Mouthpiece

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