Hetman Valve Oil


Due to product availability, we are no longer offering Hetman Valve Oil. After several months of in-house research and testing, we have found the Ultra Pure products to be the most comparable to Hetman products. Our own repair technicians have made the switch to Ultra Pure, and we feel confident in recommending their synthetic oils. Please click here to order the right Ultra Pure product for you: Ultra Pure Valve/Roto Oil

Hetman synthetic piston lubricants can be used on trumpets, baritones, and tubas.  This valve oil will allow piston valves to have an action that is smooth, quick, and consistent.


Hetman Light Piston Lubricant #1 is specifically formulated for close tolerance piston valves.

Hetman Piston Lubricant #2 is designed for instruments with piston valves that have average clearance.

Hetman Classic Piston Lubricant #3 is a specifically formulated oil that helps to seal piston valves that exhibit greater than average clearance.  Helps prevent valves from sticking.

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Hetman Valve Oil

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