Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece, (Multiple Sizes)


The Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece is available in sizes: 7C, 5C, 5B, 3D, and 3C.


The Bach 7C trumpet mouthpiece is the most widely used model.  It has a brilliant tone and is preferred by school musicians and musicians who are beginner trumpet players.

The Bach 5C trumpet mouthpiece is for players with a strong embouchure who do not like a sharp edge.  The tone is rich and lively.

The Bach 5B trumpet mouthpiece has a precise rim and a fairly large cup.  The tone is full and vivid.

The Bach 3D trumpet mouthpiece is fairly large and has a medium shallow cup the produces a more brilliant tone.  The mouthpiece facilitates, or makes easier, playing in the high register.

The Bach 3C trumpet mouthpiece has a fairly large cup and is good for all-around use.


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Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece Size

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