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Instrument Lease-to-Purchase Program

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Band Instrument Lease Explained:

String Instrument Lease Explained:

Our instrument rental program is a “lease-to-purchase” program. This is an affordable way for beginning music students to take pride in their own musical instruments. If you don’t see what you need, please call us at (717) 957-2775. Let’s see what we can do.

“Best Value!” Initial Payment: Get a FREE Music Book, FREE Music Stand, AND 3 Months Lease Credit!!

Instruments for Lease

Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone: $30 (No D&R: $27)

Drum Kit, Percussion Kit: $30 (No D&R: $27)

Alto Saxophone, Baritone: $52 (No D&R: $47)

Oboe, French Horn, Tenor Saxophone: $61 (No D&R: $56)

Violin, Viola: $30 (No D&R: $27)

Cello: $52 (No D&R: $47)

Lease-to-Purchase Highlights

Lease Program:Each regular monthly lease payment (less sales tax) goes towards the purchase price of a new, like new or used same type instrument. There are no interest charges and no monthly lease fees. We provide educator recommended brands.

Instrument Return: You may cancel your contract at any time. Once the instrument is returned, there are no additional payments or obligations.

Switching Instruments: Anytime the lease contract is current, you may switch instrument types or size (string instruments). 100% of the lease credit is transferred to the different instrument.

Weekly School Service: Weekly service is provided to several local schools. We also have an ongoing relationship with the schools’ music educators. We pick up and drop off your instruments, repairs, and accessory purchases consistently every week.

Damage & Replacement Coverage: D&R covers any necessary repairs from yearly maintenance in order to keep the leased instrument in proper playing condition to a complete loss due to theft or fire.

Loaner Instruments: A loaner instrument is provided if one is needed while the leased instrument is being repaired.