Vintage King Silver Sonic Trumpet–#384933


Vintage King Silver Sonic Trumpet
•Sterling silver bell and lead pipe
•Mid 1960’s production by H.N. White Co.
•Serial #: 384933
•Recently overhauled by H.N. White, L.L.C.
•Elaborate engraving on bell
•Gold wash inside bell
•.448″ bore
•Original King M 13 mouthpiece included
•Original case in fair condition

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Mr. White’s goals for his company were to constantly strive to build better instruments with the highest quality and build each instrument acoustically correct. Starting in 1909 Mr. White made the “Department of Acoustical Research” and purchased, what is thought of as, the world’s largest set of tuning bells. Every instrument in production would spend time being developed and evaluated, looking for the smallest of improvements. Mr. White never started production on any instrument unless the new design was a vast improvement in both tone and quality.

Sometime during the middle to late 20’s Mr. White became the first instrument maker to introduce sterling silver bells on King instruments. Mr. White thought that the silver bells of trombones offered better tone and tone carries farther with less vibrations. The “Silver Tone” bell was then introduced and carried throughout the King line up. Today, King “Silver Sonic” and “Silver Tone” bells are sought over for their great tone and wonderful engravings.