Olds Super Trumpet–#31092


Vintage Olds Super Trumpet
•Model: Super
•Manufactured in 1948-1949 in Los Angeles, California
•.460″ Bore
•Nickel Tone Ring
•Bell Diameter: 4-3/4″
•Trumpet was cleaned and serviced.
•Comes in a hard case with 2 mouthpieces.

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F.E. Olds was a manufacturer of musical instruments founded in the early 1900s by Frank Ellsworth Olds in Los Angeles, California. The company made brass instruments, especially trumpets, cornets, and trombones. The company was one of the premier manufacturers of brass instruments in America for most of the 20th century. The Olds Super is a lightweight, west coast style instrument. The bells were light weight and reinforced with a nickel tone ring. Nickel trim on the body also added some pop to the sound especially in the higher register.

This particular Olds Super was produced in 1948-1949 and is a later Olds Super model. Some features that attribute to this include the tone ring being narrower, the slope of the 2nd valve slide, and the bore size is slightly smaller. .460″ compared to .462″ on earlier Olds Super models.