Rovner Clarinet Ligature – Dark or Light


Rovner™ “Dark” Clarinet Ligature:  A serious ligature for the serious player.  Classic string ligature performance with greater convenience. Big, centered tone. More control and playability.

Rovner™ “Light” Clarinet Ligature:  A brighter tone than the Rovner™ “Dark”.  Free playing ligature. Broader, more open tone quality.  Ideal for the player seeking a more contemporary sound.


A Rovner™ ligature permits a reed to vibrate more freely than any other conventional ligature, whether metal or fabric.  It significantly improves tone, response, and intonation.  It allows reeds to swell and shrink, without distorting the reed body, reducing the likelihood of leakage at the facing.  It reduces peculiar modes of vibration that give rise to uneven scales, poor intonation, squeaks and raspiness.  If properly used, it will provide greater playing ease, considerably extending reed life and yielding many more playable reeds.  It is made of the finest materials obtainable.  The “Fabric” body will not stretch or tor and is chemically impervious; metal parts are corrosion-resistant.

Includes a Rovner™ cap.  Made in the U.S.A.

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