Lehnert Centennial Rotary Bb Trombone


Vintage String Rotary Bb Trombone
•Brand/Model: Lehnert/Centennial
•Manufactured around 1875
•Instrument is made of brass with German silver fittings
•Tunes to Bb (high pitch), but has slides long enough to tune to Bb (modern pitch)
•This trombone has a big sound projection.
•Length of instrument is 34″. Bell diameter is 9 1/4″.
•Small shank receiver size
•No Case. No mouthpiece.

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Henry Lehnert introduced the “Centennial” family of military band instruments in time for the celebration of the first 100 years of our Union. This rotary valve trombone was part of this family of brass instruments. Many Lehnert instruments from around 1875 have a circular logo with just “Lehnert Phila”. These are found on the Centennial models.