G. Penzel Wooden Clarinet–#134


This vintage clarinet was made sometime during 1882 and 1920. This is a G. Penzel Standard model clarinet. It was most likely made toward the end of that range because it is a boehm system clarinet. At the time, these clarinets were top of the line horns, easily comparable to anything coming out of Europe during the period. The tone is more ‘American’ than ‘French’ in concept – think Conn rather than Buffet – great for Jazz as well as concert music, free-blowing, more direct than sweet. Intonation is very good on most of these horns. This particular clarinet has had a complete repad; all new pads and corks. It plays well and comes in a hard case with a mouthpiece.

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The company was established in Germany in 1881 by two brothers. Gustav L. (Louis) and Gustav F. (Frederick) Penzel. In 1882 they immigrated to the United States of America and opened shop in New York. In 1898 their relative E.G. Mueller began to get involved in the compnay. This involvement eventually led to a partnership. By 1920, the G. Penzel company ceased operations and they opened a new company called the Penzel-Mueller Company; known as G.L. Penzel & Mueller in the early days. This company then operated through the late 1950s. Over the years they produced many models of clarinets. These models included the Standard, the Artist, the Super Brillante, the Soloist, the Pacemaker, the American Professional, the Dyna-Tone, the Bel Canto, and the Empire. Woody Herman played the Artist model.