Messiah University Woodwind Kit


One stop shopping – All the items you need for your Messiah University Woodwind Methods class as specified by your instructor. This package includes the instructor preferred quality reeds. FREE Delivery to Messiah University.



This package was specifically created at the request of your instructor to ensure that you have all the items required for the Messiah University Woodwind Methods class. The reeds included in this package are those preferred by your instructor. These quality reeds suit all styles of music and are the most widely played reeds in the world with a superiority proven over the years.

Included in this package:
• Flute Rod with Swab
• Cork Grease
• Silk Clarinet Swab
• Hanky Saxophone Swab
• 3 Instructor Preferred Clarinet Reeds #2.5
• 3 Instructor Preferred Alto Saxophone Reeds #2.5
• 1 Instructor Preferred Oboe Reed – Medium Soft
• 1 Instructor Preferred Bassoon Reed – Medium Soft
• FREE Delivery to Messiah University

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Vandoren Clarinet Traditional Reed Strength

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