Instrument Lease-to-Purchase

Band Instrument Lease Explained:

String Instrument Lease Explained:

Our instrument rental program is a “lease-to-purchase” program. This is an affordable way for beginning music students to take pride in their own musical instruments.

Available musical instruments that we offer: alto saxophone, baritone, clarinet, cello, drum kit, flute, french horn, oboe, percussion kit, tenor saxophone, trombone, trumpet, viola and violin.

If you don’t see what you need, please call us at (717) 957-2775. Let’s see what we can do.

Lease Rates

Click on the instrument below that you want to lease. A lease agreement will open in a new window.

When completing a contract to switch instruments, select “Change – Option 4” for Amt. Paid.

>> Violin, Viola: $27.00 per month

>> Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone: $27.00 per month

>> Drum Kit, Percussion Kit: $27.00 per month

>> Cello: $47.00 per month

>> Alto Sax, Baritone: $47.00 per month

>> Oboe, Tenor Sax, French Horn: $56.00 per month

FREE Music Book and Music Stand
with 3 Months Payment!

*All prices are before sales tax.
**Used and Like New inventory subject to availability.

Risk-free Instrument Lease Highlights

  • Music director recommended brands
  • Low monthly lease rates
  • No interest charges or lease fees
  • Equal monthly payments
  • All lease payments apply to purchase price
  • Damage & Replacement coverage available
  • Service is provided to your school
  • Loaner instruments can be provided if repairs are needed
  • You may cancel your contract at any time