York Trumpet–#522807


•This York Trumpet is most likely a Bohland and Fuchs horn that was imported by Carl Fischer.
•There are certain markings on the horn that lead us to this theory. See the full description below.
•Trumpet has been serviced. It is missing one bottom cap, but horn still plays well.
•Horn comes in a hard case with a mouthpiece and valve oil.

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Carl Fischer started as a dealer in New York in 1872, after immigrating from Germany, supplying sheet music and imported instruments from Europe. Fischer opened a division, Carl Fischer Musical Instrument Co. which then bought out York Band Instrument Co. in 1940. The manufacturing of York instruments went on until the 1970s at the York plant in Grand Rapids, Mi. under the directorship of the Carl Fischer Musical Instrument Co.. During this period Carl Fischer also imported many different musical instruments from Europe, such as Bohland and Fuchs horns, marking them as Carl Fischer instruments.

The majority of instruments imported to the U.S. do not have the Bohland and Fuchs name on them. However, there are markings on the instruments that point to the horn originally being a Bohland and Fuchs horn even though it has a different name on. The easiest marking to identify is “B&F” on the middle valve and usually “Austria”, “Bohemia” or “Czechoslovakia” marked on the lead pipe inlet. Some have just a small anchor stamped on the middle valve. Some instruments have a small circle with three tabs stamped on the middle valve.

In the case for this trumpet, the horn has both the marking of “Austria” on the lead pipe and a small anchor stamped on the middle valve. So this leads me to conclude that Carl Fischer imported this horn from Europe, a Bohland and Fuchs horn, and put the York name on the horn since he now owned the York Band Instrument Co. These were often called stencil horns and many retailers who wanted an inexpensive horn with their name on it did this.

Bohland & Fuchs was established in Graslitz in Bohmen, a part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. Thus, the early instruments by Bohland & Fuchs are all marked “Austria”.