Yamaha YTR-6445 “C” Trumpet–#002220


•Yamaha “C” Trumpet
•Model YTR-6445
•This is a professional horn
•Large Bore: .462″
•This series trumpet was manufactured from the mid 1980s to the early 1990s.
•Comes with a mouthpiece and a case.

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From Yamaha Wind Instruments

Manufacturing Quality
•We make most of the individual components for our woodwind and brass instruments with cutting-edge, computerized technology for perfect tolerances and incredible consistency. But many visitors to our factories are surprised to see the large degree of age-old, traditional methods used to hand assemble all our wind instruments—from professional models down to the most inexpensive student instruments.

Crafted With Care
•Skilled, experienced artisans adjust and test each instrument by hand—and do so with a passion and care seldom seen anymore. Many of them are musicians themselves; they joined Yamaha because of their love for music. Producing the world’s finest musical instruments is more than just a job for them; it is a calling, and a challenge they meet with pride.