Selmer La Voix II Alto Sax–#20310528


•Selmer La Voix II Professional Alto Sax
•Model: SAS280RB–Black Finish
•High F# Key
•Multiple Adjusting Screws
•Rocking Table Mechanism
•Blue Steel Springs
•Treated leather pads with metal resonators
•Ribbed Construction
•Hand Engraved
•Comes in a black leather case with a mouthpiece and a neck strap.

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The Selmer LaVoix II story is about sound. Your sound. Express yourself through a voice based on the great Selmer tradition. Selmer LaVoix II saxophones are fun to play because they sound great, respond even better, and play in tune. Period. These soprano, alto, tenor and baritone models are capturing the interest of today’s upcoming artists and delivering a modern French sound at an exceptional price. These instruments incorporate the “right” features, resulting in instruments that are lighter in weight and deliver all the performance demanded by today’s top players. The acoustic response of Selmer LaVoix II saxophones is quick and fluid through all registers and the neck is specially designed with slight resistance. This combination provides for superior response, and teachers also prefer it for embouchure and air stream development. Key design is compact with professional spring tension for quicker facility. Other features include a traditional bell flare, high F# (G on soprano), mini-rib construction (except soprano), multiple adjusting screws, and treated leather pads. All models feature fine hand engraving on their bodies and bells.