Selmer Cigar Cutter Alto Sax and Clarinet–#15292/K5359


Made in 1932 by Selmer Paris, the “Cigar Cutter” saxophones are officially part of the Selmer Super Sax range but were named because of their uniquely designed octave mechanism that resembled a cigar cutter. This saxophone was the start of what later became the hugely popular Super Balanced Action by Selmer, and they based the bore design and tonal qualities of the Super Balanced Action on the “Cigar Cutter”. This alto sax has a bold and rich sound, which was engineered in response to the American saxophones that gained popularity in the 1920’s.

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This is a one-of-a-kind alto sax and clarinet combo. This set is from 1932 and the nick name comes with the alto sax because of the uniquely designed octave mechanism that resembles a cigar cutter. Both the sax and the clarinet are in good shape. Both were recently serviced. The pads on both look good. The sax’s body and keys are both lacquer coated and it has real finger pearls. The Selmer clarinet is wooden and the keys are nickel-plated. The combo is in a hard case and they both come with mouthpieces and a neck strap. This combo would be a great edition to anyone’s musical collection. Serial #: 15292/K5359

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