Mateki MO-052 Flute–#0832


•The Mateki MO-052 flute is a professional model flute.
•Entirely solid sterling silver.
•Pointed arms cups, drawn tone holes.
•No adjusting screws.
•Open-holed flute w/ B foot.
•Serviced, cleaned, and polished.
•Comes in a hard case w/ cleaning rod.

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Mateki flutes are hand-made excellent quality Japanese flutes. Every Mateki Flute is hand-made. All models of Mateki flutes are handcrafted by the same well trained, highly experienced set of people who build our top-of-the-line Mateki Flute models. You do not find that in most professional flute factories. Quality is the most important concern for making and crafting a Mateki Flute, all the time. All Mateki flute factory workers are well experienced and well trained with excellent flute making technique. Mateki Flute Company holds to the principals of hand-made craftsmanship combined with exacting standards.