Bach Mt. Vernon Mercury Model Bb Trumpet–#16693


•Professional vintage horn
•Mt. Vernon Mercury Model
•Manufactured in 1957
•Key of Bb
•Bell diameter: 4 7/8″
•Bore size: .459″
•Comes in a hard case with a mouthpiece and mutes
•Horn was recently flushed and cleaned

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•The Mercury model was especially designed for effortless response and an easy high register. It is the ideal instrument for the young artist or advanced conservatory student who wishes to economize but must have a trumpet of superb playing qualities that will instantly respond to various tongue articulations and dynamic changes. Designed in the same bore as the medium bore Strad trumpet, it offers similar resistance and, at the same time, a remarkably brilliant sound of crystal clear timbre. The resilient response enables the player to perform with utmost comfort and relaxation. This is of vital importance to a conscientious music student whose long hours of practice require a free-blowing instrument to prevent undue fatigue.

•Bach has been the go-to choice for students and professionals for generations. Whether you are planning on playing in the Symphony or on the band stand you can find a Bach that fits exactly your needs. This Mercury is an excellent piece of trumpet history, with an easy playing manner and tremendous amount of tonal colors, allowing for the player to shift and mold to a variety of playing situations.